Days of Evangelization

Days of Evangelization originated in our very own Diocese of Providence, and it is our hope that they will eventually spread from sea to shining sea… and beyond, to the ends of the Earth.

A Day of Evangelization is a parish-based, door-to-door response to the Holy Father’s call to a New Evangelization. It can be a great way to reach out to everyone within the bounds of a parish, spreading the message of the Gospel and sharing our Faith with them.

As a Legion work, Days of Evangelization are uniquely capable of combining many aspects of the Legion within a single, visible event, offering everyone a perfect opportunity to see what we do as Legionaries. While the works of the Legion in Rhode Island do include door-to-door visitation, very few people outside of the Legion are aware of that work. A Day of Evangelization presents our work publicly and affords Legionaries and non-Legionaries alike a chance to live their faith more deeply.

In our experiences, Days of Evangelization can be an incredibly powerful way to spread the Catholic faith. Please click here to read more about the experiences of a few of those whose lives have been changed for the better through a previous Day of Evangelization:

As we have experience in overseeing Days of Evangelization, we can help you organize a Day of Evangelization in your parish. This site also includes several pages of information and resources which may help you:

Your promotion of Days of Evangelization is of utmost importance to the vitality of the Church today.  When the Church first put out the call for a new evangelization, St. Pope John Paul II said this:

“Our most persuasive arguments will not be intellectual apologias of dogma and canon law, which seem parched and lifeless to the parched and lifeless. Rather, our evangelization must target people’s hearts, address the issues of isolation, meaninglessness and despair that drive people to contraception, abortion, euthanasia, and the rejection of sacramental marriage.

“We must appeal to the fruits of faith and not its rules. People buy the rules only when they desire the fruits that follow.”

Building on the course set by St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI created a new Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization.  In the motu proprio called Ubicumque et semper (“Always and Everywhere”), Pope Benedict stressed that he created the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization as a Vatican office whose supreme task is preaching the gospel to Europe and other traditionally Christian regions where the faith is in crisis.

Two Popes, one vision, one mandate – the re-evangelization of the world.  

You and I are blest to be part of this vision.  Will you answer the call to the new evangelization? Please join us in drawing people to Come Home to the Catholic Church through Days of Evangelization.