Giving out Rosaries and Miraculous Medals

Where should you give out Rosaries and Miraculous Medals? Anywhere. 

When should you do it? Anytime. 

Give out Rosaries and Miraculous Medals to everyone you come in contact with. Reaching out to our brothers and sisters with small actions can sometimes be even more effective than a major initiative.  When we encourage them to use these two sacred items with devotion and faith, they will draw closer to Jesus and Mary… and bring us closer to Jesus and Mary in the process.

Miraculous Medals are available from St. Paul Evangelization for an incredibly low price. Members only pay $0.15 a piece for Rosaries and silver coated medals. (Chains for the medals are also available for $0.15 a piece.)

Even if you aren’t a member, you can purchase 100 Miraculous Medals from St. Paul Evangelization for $0.20 each. Alternatively, you can speak to a St. Paul member within the Legion to receive the lowest price and free shipping.