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Above all, the Legion is based on love, because each person is unique, precious and unrepeatable. Each person is a universe. In spite of our human limitations, our goals are high and our love is of Mary. Let us encourage one another. Please consider joining us.

If you have read this far, please consider taking the next step in your spiritual life. Commit to praying more and more deeply. Attend a Legion meeting. Invite a traveling statue into your home.

The decision you make is between you and the Holy Spirit… but whatever you do, make sure to take one small but concrete step.

The Legion is not more work and effort, but less! Because we are assigned a work every week, and repeat it, it becomes easier and easier, like tapping in a nail. It keeps us from being too busy with too many different things. Ideally, a praesidium should rotate the assignments, so that we gain experience with consolation, conservation, and conversion.

If you are interested in joining the Legion, please click here for further information:

The Legion Auxiliaries are the praying arm of the Legion. Joining the Auxiliaries is an easy way to learn more about the life of the Legion. Regardless of whether you are currently a member of the Auxiliaries, however, please consider attending a Praesidium meeting near you as a guest to see how your prayers as an Auxiliary sustain the Legion meeting.

To learn more about the Legion Auxiliaries, please click here:

The Blessed Mother would love to visit you in your home. Several praesidia maintain traveling statues of Mary, which can be a great aid in developing a deeper prayer life.

To learn more about traveling statues, please click here:

Often, the best step to take in your spiritual life involves prayer. Please consider praying for the Legion of Mary, and keep the Legion in mind when you find yourself in need of prayers.

To learn more about how to pray for our intentions or how to ask us to pray for yours, please click here:

If you have any questions or are in need of any assistance from a Legion member, please contact us using the information located here:

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Finally, if you are unsure of what to do next, please consider reading our summary of the contents of this website:

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