Visiting Statues

The Legion of Mary seeks not only to educate people on the knowledge and importance of prayer but also to bring them closer to the love of God and our Mother Mary. For this reason, the Legion promotes the visit of traveling statues in family homes and businesses.

Every Catholic family is blessed to be part of the extended family of Mother Mary and God the Father. Through the daily recitation of the Rosary, we grow closer to Jesus and come to know love and serve Mary our Mother with filial and intense love.

Given the power of the Rosary on its own, one might wonder, “Why do I need a statue?” It’s important to remember that statues are neither trivial nor sentimental. They serve as a reminder that Mary is interested in us in our own particular time, in our own particular place, and in our own particular family. They symbolically stand guard, as Mary does, without rest.

Just as the Legion of Mary offers its explicit obedience to Mary by performing the active works assigned at its weekly meetings, praying the Rosary (or other relevant prayer) before a statue of our Blessed Mother is a means of saying explicitly, “Mary, you are my Mother. Help me.” Openly proclaiming Mary frees us from fear and strengthens our faith, preserving us from the weakness that often results from believing in God only in a general way. Our faith, after all, must always be expressed personally… and who better to express it to than our Mother, in whom we put our hope, whom we love, and in whom we put all our faith and trust.

Do not hide your faith. Trust in Mary to bring you closer to God, and contact us for a visit from a Traveling Statue.