The Legion of Mary Today

As of 2019, the Legion of Mary has become a major international lay organization. In fact, throughout the world, there are about 5 million active Legionaries and 12 million Legion auxiliaries!

There are branches of the Legion in 182 countries. These branches tend to be aligned with dioceses. The Legion of Mary’s members serve the Church on a voluntary basis in almost every country and diocese, either directly or indirectly.

In some countries, the Legion of Mary is extremely active. In South Korea, for example, every parish has at least one praesidium meeting weekly. Once a praesidium gets too big, it splits. As a result, one individual parish in Inchon, South Korea has over 40 praesidia!

If you like to learn more about the Legion in the world today, there are several websites where you can find the latest news and read about the growth of the Legion.

The central authority for the Legion of Mary is the Concilium Legionis, based in Dublin, Ireland. The Concilium’s website is, and it is very complete. Every month, it posts news from the Legion around the world, along with a wonderful allocutio by Fr. Bede. Simply reading the news from a typical month is a fantastic way to find out how many things are happening in the Legion at any given time.

In the United States, there are 11 Legion councils which report to the Concilium Legionis. These councils hold the titles of Senatus or Regia. The Regia websites, like the Concilium’s own website, are very complete resources, though unlike the Concilium’s website, they focus on news relevant to the areas in which they operate. Two of these Regia websites are the websites of The Miami Regia and The Arlington Regia.

The Legion of Mary in New England is centered at the Boston Senatus. Their website is The New England Legion of Mary.

Curia are Legion councils that report to a Senatus or a Regia. Some of them, like the Legion of Mary Curia in Tidewater, VA, offer useful resources on their websites.

If you prefer to read about the Legion in Spanish, the South and Central American website has a very complete website which includes a great number of resources.

Finally, the video “Meet the Legion” is a great way to learn about the sheer variety of forms the Legion and its works can take in the world today.