“The Church has no other reason for its existence than to extend over the earth the Kingdom of Christ and so to render people sharers of his saving Redemption.”

Pope Pius XI

In the midst of a culture that suggests that there is no real difference between earnest seekers in different spiritual traditions, it can be easy to wonder, “Why evangelize?”

The Legion of Mary doesn’t wonder. Rather, the Legion offers two powerful motives for evangelization.

First, it is the positive will of God for all Christians to tell everyone about Him and what He has done for them. Our Lord Jesus Himself commanded that we are to “Go out to all the world and tell the Good News!”

Second, it is the desire of our Mother Mary that we should always seek to help all of our brothers and sisters… and what greater help can we offer than leading them to her Son?

It is important to note, of course, that we have been commanded to tell everyone the Good News, not to convince them of its truth. We merely sow the seeds of the Gospel, then leave the task of bearing fruit to God, trusting that God can work in their heart of hearts in a way that our own efforts never could.

The Legion’s evangelical activities take many different forms. Please consider reading about a few of the following example activities:

We also perform evangelical work in parishes — face to face, street by street, or person by person. Many parish ministries, like catechism classes, can constitute Legion work. We can also help organize lectures, question and answer sessions, and other activities in our parishes.

Patricians meetings

The Legion of Mary sponsors its own talks, called Patricians’ meetings, to help make our Faith known. Each month, the topic for the next Patricians’ meeting is voted on to ensure that the topics which are of greatest interest to our community are discussed. Patricians’ meetings are not limited to Legion members — all who are interested in attending are welcome.

on the streets of Rhode Island