The Living Rosary

The Association of the Living Rosary was started to make the Rosary easy for everyone. The aims of the original Living Rosary were two; to bring the people of France to a prayerful way of life and distribute Catholic literature and devotional articles.

“Throughout his life, Saint John Paul II was a member and proponent of ‘Living Rosary’ prayer groups.

What is a Living Rosary? The devotion appears to have begun in France in 1826, when Venerable Pauline-Marie Jaricot formed the Living Rosary Association. She was inspired to pull together groups of 15 persons who would each be responsible for praying one  decade of the Rosary each day, so that the full 15-decade Rosary would be prayed each day by the group.

Over a century later, during the Nazi occupation of Poland, a young layman named Jan Tyranowski formed prayer groups of 15 men in his parish, representing the 15 mysteries of the Rosary. One of the group’s leaders was the young Karol Wojtyla—the young St. John Paul II (who would later introduce the Luminous Mysteries in his pontificate). Tyranowski met with the men in prayer and guided them in spiritual direction. He called it the Living Rosary prayer group. Wojtyla, the future pope, remained devoted to the Living Rosary prayer group and brought this model into his own parishes after he became a priest….”

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“The Living Rosary Association began its revival on December 8, 1986, with 30 local members. Blessed 1000-fold by Our Lady and under the powerful patronage of St. Philomena, the membership is now 11,369,699 and has been planted in every continent of the world.”

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