Day of Evangelization Preparation

A successful Day of Evangelization takes a great deal of preparation.

First and foremost, you must pray. The success of a Day of Evangelization depends on the Holy Spirit. In and of itself, our human intervention can do nothing. It is only when we allow ourselves to act as instruments of the Spirit that a Day of Evangelization can bear fruit.

The direct support and involvement of the pastor is crucial. If you are a layperson, you must put forth every effort to obtain that support. If you are a pastor, you must commit yourself to participating in the Day of Evangelization in whatever way you can.

Since door-to-door evangelization is a work of the Legion of Mary, the parish Legion should sponsor the Day of Evangelization. This does not mean, however, that the work of preparing for and participating in the Day of Evangelization should be limited to Legionaries. While Legionaries play an important leadership role in a Day of Evangelization, one of their first tasks must be to obtain the participation of as many parishioners as possible. The assistance of many will be necessary both to prepare for and to implement the Day of Evangelization.

Material preparation for the Day of Evangelization must begin several months before the actual day with the formation of a core team. This core team should include the pastor and any other priests on the parish staff, the president of the Legion of Mary, and at least a few other parishioners. It is beneficial, though not strictly necessary, to include at least one person who has assisted in preparations for a previous Day of Evangelization.

Here are some ideal areas of responsibility, by role:

The Pastor

  • Decide on materials for the evangelization packet
  • Recruit as many workers as possible
  • Prepare notices for the parish bulletin
  • Appeal to the parish with pulpit announcements
  • Write a letter to those to be visited, with flyer announcing Mass times and other information

The Parish

  • Recruit as many workers as possible
  • Volunteer to set up, prepare packets, buy food, set food out, and clean up.

The Legion of Mary

  • Send a flyer inviting other area Legionaries to help out on the day
  • Prepare map showing streets of the parish and divide it accordingly
  • Recruit workers
  • Put packets together. Make sure to prepare enough for the expected number of visitations!
  • Assign pairs for door-to-door visits
  • Make follow up calls and deliver cards for the Pastor
  • Solicit markets or stores for tote bags to carry evangelization packets

The Legion of Mary in Rhode Island can help you prepare a schedule for your Day of Evangelization. Use this schedule for promotion and registration. Success of your Day will depend on proper promotion. Remember, some of the houses you visit will inevitably be empty… but if you promote your Day properly, you may be able to limit the amount of doors you knock on in vain.