Concluding Thoughts

The End… and the Beginning.

A website is not like a book or a magazine, with a definite end. Still, we can summarize.

This site has covered many topics, but always trying to show how they relate to the Legion of Mary. We can only give a taste of these rich subjects, and we hope you can read further in the Handbook, the writings of Frank Duff, and St. Louis de Montfort’s famous works. We honestly believe the Legion is the best way to become holy in this world of ours, whether you are a priest, religious or a layman.

We have tried to show how the Legion of Mary is seen from the point of view of the daily meditations of the rosary, and also from the point of view of the handbook, the weekly meeting, the role of the Legion in the Church, and the motherhood of Mary. 

Much more could be said about the mercy of God, the hearts of Jesus and Mary, the Saints, the Sacraments, and many other ways that God reaches out to us.

Above all, the Legion is based on spiritual friendship and family under our Mother Mary, because each person is unique, precious and unrepeatable. Each person is a universe. Although we fail in many ways, our goals are high and our love is of Mary. Let us encourage one another.

Do not say “I cannot,” or “I am not fitted,” or “Nobody heeds me.” For there is one thing that can clothe you with power in your dealings with others: affection for them.

This is the great secret of all real influence. To possess it, follow this simple rule – Look only for good qualities in anyone you meet; you will find them. Never look for faults, for you would find them.  Act thus, and you will easily develop the habit of love.

Convince those around you, by deeds, not phrases, that you truly have this feeling for them, and you can lead them where you like.

from Frank Duff on the Spirit of the Legion in “Can We All be Saints?”

there is one thing that can clothe you with power in your dealings with others: affection for them.

God and Mary have a plan for you. We hope this site helps you with your life. God bless you. Please consider joining our beautiful family under our Mother Mary and God our Father.


This prayer was said by Frank Duff every day over a map of the world.

( from St. Francis Xavier-adapted by Frank Duff, and grammar changed)

O Lord, our hearts are in Your Hands. 
You can bend as it pleases You, 
the most obdurate and soften the most hardened. 
Do that this day, to honor the Blood, Merits, Wounds, 
Names and inflamed hearts of Your Beloved Son
 and His Most Holy Mother, 
by granting the conversion of the whole world. 
Nothing less, my God, nothing less, 
because of Mary their Mother: 
because of Your Might and Your Mercy.

Frank Duff