The Handbook

The Handbook of the Legion is the best source of spiritual information and action in the Legion. The first half of the book especially is filled with spiritual treasures. It is a handbook for life, not just the Legion. Many legionnaires have marked up their favorite passages in their handbooks and they are well worn. Like the “Secret of Mary,” “the Secret of the Rosary,” or the “Imitation of Christ,” it can be read again and again. We study a page or two every week.

The handbook is available as a pdf file both here and elsewhere.

Legion of Mary Hand Book

We have included some of the most important subtopics under the menu heading of “The Handbook” under “Further Reading.” Check the menu for more…

The Handbook is another way to see the form and spirit of the Legion, when read prayerfully. Here are some selections from the Handbook of the Legion of Mary:

The Auxiliaries and Mary

…However generously the auxiliary may give to the Legion, nevertheless he receives one hundredfold, one thousandfold, one millionfold in return. And how is this? It is because the Legion teaches its auxiliaries — no less than its active members how great is Mary, enlists them in soldierly service for her, and makes them love her … Continue reading The Auxiliaries and Mary

If Mary Were but Known!

“To the priest struggling almost despairingly in a sea of religious neglect, the following words of Father Faber — taken from his preface to St. Louis-Marie de Montfort’s ‘True Devotion to Mary’ (an abounding source of inspiration to the Legion) — are commended as a preliminary to his consideration of the possible value to him … Continue reading If Mary Were but Known!

Mary our Mother

“But if we claim the inheritance of children, there must be esteem for the motherhood through which it comes. A third aspect of Legion devotion to Mary is the special honouring of her as our real mother, which in very fact she is. “Mary became the Mother of Christ and our mother when to the … Continue reading Mary our Mother

God and Mary

“Under God, the Legion is built upon devotion to Mary, “that ineffable miracle of the Most High.” (Pope Pius IX) But what is the place of Mary herself in relation to God? It is that he brought her, as he did all the other children of earth, out of nothing; and though he has since … Continue reading God and Mary

The Spirit of the Legion

“The spirit of the Legion of Mary is that of Mary herself. Especially does the Legion aspire after her profound humility, her perfect obedience, her angelical sweetness, her continual prayer, her universal mortification, her altogether spotless purity, her heroic patience, her heavenly wisdom, her self- sacrificing courageous love of God, and above all her faith, … Continue reading The Spirit of the Legion

The Fruits of the Legion are Intense Idealism and Action

“…the Legion can aid [the Church] by making its program one of enterprise and effort and sacrifice, such as will help to capture for the Church those two words “idealism” and “action,” making them handmaids of the Church’s doctrine. According to the saying of Lecky, the historian, the world is ruled by its ideals. If … Continue reading The Fruits of the Legion are Intense Idealism and Action

Fraternal Charity

St. Paul explains well the charity we need in the Legion, and common sense extends the divine command to love one another into all areas of our lives. Correction should be rare, and in private, and only given if the other is willing to receive it. Before correction, consult someone else more senior in the … Continue reading Fraternal Charity

The Heroism of Cheerful Obedience

We should always seek to obey those with authority over us cheerfully, no matter how difficult it may seem (though always keeping in mind that no human authority can ever bind us to disobey God’s law). a spirit of heroic and sweet docility… “The fruit of loyalty is obedience, and the test of the latter … Continue reading The Heroism of Cheerful Obedience

Legion of Mary Hand Book