Prison Ministry

Throughout His ministry, Jesus Himself always sought those members of society who were forgotten and ignored. As Legionaries, we seek to follow His example by offering the greatest gift we can give — the peace and joy of Christ — to those who have been forgotten and ignored as a result of imprisonment.

The work of the Legion involves the visitation of “haunts; and of lodging-houses, hostels and jails; and it may be, the conducting of hostels staffed by legionaries, resident and outdoor.”

As soon as the Legion in any centre is in possession of members of sufficient experience and calibre, this work for the least of the least ones of Christ is to be undertaken. Too often it is to be found neglected, with consequent reproach to the Catholic name.

There should be no depths to which the Legion will not penetrate in its search for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. False fears will be the first obstacle. But false or founded, someone must do this work. If capable and trained legionaries, safeguarded by their prayerful and disciplined system, cannot essay it, then no one can.

Till the Legion in any centre can say with truth that its members know personally, and are in touch in some way with each and every individual member of the degraded classes, its work must be regarded as being still in a stage of incomplete development, and efforts in this direction must be intensified.

No searcher after the rare and precious things of the earth must pursue his heart’s desire more earnestly than the legionary pressing after these unfortunates of the world. His search may be their only chance of life eternal. Frequently they are so inaccessible to good influences that prison represents for them a blessing in disguise.”

The Legion Handbook, Chapter 37, Section 6