Why the Rosary?

Jesus came into this world through Mary two thousand years ago, and he continues to come into this world through her to this very day.

If you have spent any amount of time trying to learn how to pray, you might have noticed that there are an incredible variety of ways to pray. In light of that, you might wonder, “Why should I pray the Rosary when I could pray in so many other ways instead?”

The quick answer is this: we pray the Rosary because the four prayers it contains offer the ideal foundation for a Christian life.

  1. The Our Father is the perfect prayer given to the world by Christ. In giving us this prayer, He taught us how to pray. In that sense, all prayer must be based in the Our Father, whether we use those specific words or not… but what could be a better way to praise the Father than to use the words given to us by the Son?
  2. The Hail Mary calls on Mary, the Mother of God. Jesus came into this world through Mary two thousand years ago, and he continues to come into this world through her to this very day. When we ask Mary for her intercession, she responds quickly, bearing the grace we need to pray well.
  3. The Glory Be reminds us that we must always pray and act for the glory of God rather than ourselves.
  4. The Mysteries provide a simple but incredibly powerful opportunity to review the most important events in the lives of Jesus and Mary. By meditating on the mysteries, we can learn what it means to live a life totally committed to God and begin to imitate the two greatest possible models for redeemed humanity.

The Holy Rosary Is the Best Prayer AFTER HOLY MASS

When the Holy Rosary is said well, it gives Jesus and Mary more glory and is more meritorious than any other prayer.

Saint Louis de Montfort 

St. Louis de Montfort is clear that, apart from Holy Mass, the Rosary is the best of all prayers.

(VI.) The Rosary is the divine summary of the mysteries of Jesus and Mary . . . . After Holy Mass, saying the Rosary is the best thanksgiving one can make, because it is both a memento and a re-enactment of what Jesus did and suffered for us.

(On the connection between the Rosary and the Eucharist, see also Secret of the Rosary # 88)

This life is nothing but warfare and a series of temptations; we do not have to contend with enemies of flesh and blood but with the very powers of Hell. What better weapons could we possibly use to combat them than the Prayer which our great Captain (Jesus) taught us, and the Angelic Salutation (Hail Mary) which has chased away devils, destroyed sin and renewed the world? What better weapon could we use than meditation on the life and passion of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? For, as Saint Peter says, it is with this thought we must arm ourselves in order to defend ourselves against the very same enemies which he conquered and which molest us every day.

The Blessed Mother herself impressed the importance of the Rosary on St. Dominic when she revealed it to him:

Our Lady appeared to St. Dominic, accompanied by three Angels, and she said:

“Dear Dominic, do you know which weapon the Blessed Trinity wants to use to reform the world?”

“Oh, my Lady,” answered Saint Dominic, “you know far better than I do because next to your Son Jesus Christ you have always been the chief instrument of our salvation.”

Then Our Lady replied: “I want you to know that, in this kind of warfare, the battering ram has always been the Angelic Psalter (the 150 Hail Marys in the Rosary) which is the foundation stone of the New Testament. Therefore if you want to reach these hardened souls and win them over to God, preach my Psalter.”

So he arose, comforted, and burning with zeal for the conversion of the people in that district he made straight for the Cathedral. At once unseen Angels rang the bells to gather the people together and Saint Dominic began to preach.

At the very beginning of his sermon an appalling storm broke out, the earth shook, the sun was darkened, and there was so much thunder and lightning that all were very much afraid. Even greater was their fear when looking at a picture of Our Lady exposed in a prominent place they saw her raise her arms to Heaven three times to call down God’s vengeance upon them if they failed to be converted, to amend their lives, and seek the protection of the Holy Mother of God.

According to the sworn oath of Bl. Alan de la Roche

The Rosary, like the Our Father, is a summary of all prayers. It is like a huge rose tree that gives shade to all other spiritual flowers in the Kingdom of God. As St. Louis de Montfort says, 

GOOD AND DEVOUT SOULS, who walk in the light of the Holy Spirit: I do not think that you will mind my giving you this little mystical rose tree which comes straight from Heaven and which is to be planted in the garden of your soul. It cannot possibly harm the sweet smelling flowers of your contemplations; for it is a heavenly tree and its scent is beautiful. It will not in the least interfere with your carefully planned flower beds; for, being itself all pure and well-ordered, it inclines all to order and purity. If it is carefully watered and properly attended to every day it will grow to such a marvelous height and its branches will have such a wide span that, far from hindering your other devotions, it will maintain and perfect them.

Perhaps the main reason why the Rosary is more effective than other prayers is because the focus of the Rosary is the love of Mary. As prayer advances, it becomes more affectionate. Mary’s love for Jesus and for us and our love for her in return is the clearest sign of God’s love on earth — while the violence of the crucifixion can sometimes distract us from the love Jesus has for us, the love of Mary for her Son and for us is clear in every mystery. 

The problem is that we often consider it difficult or impossible to say the whole rosary every day, so we do not try. This is unfortunate, as it is certain that if we set our minds and hearts to pray the Rosary, Mary will help us to carry that prayer out.

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