Everyday Activities

In some ways, the little things that we do every day can be more important than our assigned works. One should never underestimate the courage and spontaneity involved in giving a Rosary or a miraculous medal to a stranger… or the extent that God’s grace can work through such seemingly humble actions.

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Another devotion that the Legion promotes in the daily lives of its members is the devotion to the Brown Scapular. The Brown Scapular represents the Mantle of Mary, and wearing it is a way of showing that you are under her protection.

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The Legion also hands out personal cards and personalized prayer cards as a part of its everyday activities. These cards allow Legionaries to offer their contact information to anyone they meet who expresses interest in the Legion.

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Auxiliary Membership

In the course of their daily lives, Legionaries may have the opportunity to extend an offer to join the Legion Auxiliaries to some of the people they encounter. If you are already either an active member or an auxiliary, you should know how to do this in case the opportunity arises.

First, ask the person whether they are willing to help the Legion by praying the Rosary daily, along with the few short prayers included on the Tessera card. Second, give them the small pamphlet entitled “Auxiliary Membership Leaflet” similar to this one:

Finally, make sure they are signed up with a local praesidium so that the Legion can follow through with them.

That’s all it takes!

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Finally, Legionaries have specific prayers which they commit to praying every day as members of the Legion. To learn more about the prayers of the Legion, please click here: