St. Louis de Montfort

Although St. Louis de Montfort lived centuries before the Legion of Mary was founded, he serves in many ways as the precursor to the Legion. St. Louis foresaw a day when God would bring forth great saints through devotion to the Blessed Mother. As he wrote,

God will raise up great men full of the Holy Ghost and imbued with the spirit of Mary, through whom this powerful Sovereign will work great wonders in the world, so as to destroy sin and to establish the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, her Son, upon the ruins of the kingdom of this corrupt world; and these holy men will succeed by means of this devotion, of which I do but give here the outline and which my deficiency only impairs.

From the Secret of Mary, #59

We in the Legion pray for this day to come and seek to make it a reality.

St. Louis de Montfort also provided the Legion with much of its spirituality. Through his writings and lived experience, St. Louis proved himself to be a master of Catholic spirituality, integrating a number of spiritual insights into a unified spiritual system. The Legion strives to incorporate these insights into its own devotion to the Blessed Mother.

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