The History of the Legion Worldwide

The Legion spread rapidly from Dublin around the world.

Legionaries direct their efforts toward all men and women, young and old, rich and poor, as well as people from the margins of society and non- Catholics.

In the words of St. Augustine “You aspire to great things? Begin with little ones.” 

The initial growth of the Legion:

  • In 1927, with thirteen units in Dublin, it made its first foundation outside Dublin, in Waterford, Ireland.
  • 1928 Scotland.
  • 1929 England.
  • 1931 the United States and India. [India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.]
  • 1932 Canada and Australia.
  • 1933 New Zealand, Africa, West Indies.
  • 1936-1944 Edel Quinn in Africa
  • 1937 China and Burma.
  • 1938 Costa Rica, Panama.
  • 1939 Malta.
  • 1940 France.
  • 1941 the Philippines.
  • 1942 Egypt and Syria and the Holy Land.
  • 1943 Holland.

And look at:

  • 1953-9 Alfie Lambe in Columbia, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay and Brazil with others. 

Operating in 182 countries throughout the world, the Legion is one of the largest lay apostolic movements in the Church. Pray for the 11 countries left with out a Legion presence. Baptism obliges each Catholic to be apostolic….

In all there are 275 councils directly affiliated to the Concilium. Each of these councils governs the Legion in its own territory which is aligned to the dioceses of the Church. Between active and auxiliary (praying) members there are in excess of 10 million members worldwide. Membership is highest in South Korea, Philippines, Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These countries have between 250,000 and 500,000 members each.


The Story Continues:



South America

The Philippines

South Korea

182 countries

There are 195 countries in the world today. That means we still have 13 countries to go!