The Heroism of Cheerful Obedience

We should always seek to obey those with authority over us cheerfully, no matter how difficult it may seem (though always keeping in mind that no human authority can ever bind us to disobey God’s law).

a spirit of heroic and sweet docility…

“The fruit of loyalty is obedience, and the test of the latter is the readiness to accept situations and decisions which are unpalatable and — let it be remarked — to accept them cheerfully. This prompt and cordial obedience is always difficult. Sometimes, to give it violates one’s natural inclinations to such an extent as to amount to heroism, to be in fact a sort of martyrdom. And in such terms does St. Ignatius of Loyola speak of it. ‘Those,’ he says, ‘who by a generous effort resolve to obey, acquire great merits; obedience in its sacrifice resembles martyrdom.’ The Legion expects from its children everywhere that spirit of heroic and sweet docility to proper authority of every sort.”

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