Candidates for Sainthood in the Legion

“The most profound justification for promoting the Legion is because it can make saints. No other justification is really needed.”

Fr. Bede

No fewer than three individual Legionaries have begun the process by which faithful Catholics are declared to be saints. The Cause for the Beatification for each of these three has been introduced, and each of them are in different stages of the process of canonization.

One of these exemplary Legionaries is, of course, our Founder, Br. Frank Duff. The other two were envoys for the Legion: Edel Quinn, who was Envoy to East Africa, and Alfie Lambe, who was Envoy to South America.

Frank Duff and Alfie Lambe hold the title of “Servant of God.” This title reflects the fact that the Church has begun examining their lives to prove whether they demonstrated the heroic virtues necessary to be proclaimed a Saint.

Edel Quinn holds the higher title of “Venerable.” Venerable means “heroic in virtue” and reflects a determination by the Pope that she demonstrated the heroic virtue necessary to become a canonized saint.

The next step in the canonization process is beatification, which requires the further evidence of a miracle brought about through the individual’s intercession. Because this part of the canonization process is entirely within the Lord’s hands, the Legion offers prayers for the beatification of each of these three individuals in the hope that they will one day become canonized saints.

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