On this page, you will find a number of critical resources related to the Legion of Mary.

As the Legion’s close relationship to its Priests is of critical importance, this section includes information for Seminarians, Priests, and Spiritual Directors of the Legion. It also includes a copy of the Legion Handbook (the ultimate guide to the spirituality and operations of the Legion of Mary), a set of guidelines for the creation of Legion websites, and a collection of PDF documents related to the Legion. We have included a few Letters that may be printed or modified. Please see The Core Works and Prayers of the Legion to understand the life of the Legion. There are also articles on News and Events.

The Core Works and Prayers of the Legion

The Legion of Mary has many activities and ways of prayer. Many of them are general Catholic Action like helping on bread lines, helping families, and joining in rosaries or holy hours organized by others. Some activities are specifically Legion and are core Legion activities. Starting new Praesidiums, Days of Evangelization, Street Evangelization, or distributing … Continue reading The Core Works and Prayers of the Legion

An Invitation to Join the Legion

Dear Friend, Because He loves us so much, He gave us a Mother who said “Yes!” In obedience she said “Yes” to the Annunciation of the angel, to give us a Savior. This “Yes” brought us her divine Son, the Redeemer, who will show us the way to the Father. With no hesitation she said; … Continue reading An Invitation to Join the Legion

A Letter To Auxiliaries

Dear Auxiliaries, We as Legionaries need you, need your prayers to make us stronger in all we do, and to be similar to our guardian angels. You are our pillars. Pray. Be close to Mary. Mary leads us to Jesus. Say your Rosary and the prayers that the auxiliaries are called to say every day. Mary … Continue reading A Letter To Auxiliaries

A Letter to All our Readers

Dear Friend, Your own life and personal situation might incline you to prayer or to action. It might mean you want to learn more or meet others.  The Legion transforms ordinary Catholics in to soldiers — evangelizers for Mary. Devoting all to Mary, God’s grace is fully engaged. This empowers the discipline we need to … Continue reading A Letter to All our Readers

Youth and the Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is intensely interested in the youth of the world and the church. The young are the future of the Catholic Church and the Legion of Mary. If you contact of the Legion of Mary, we will work with you on any ideas and avenues to encourage the youth. We work on … Continue reading Youth and the Legion of Mary


The Legion of Mary in Rhode Island held a series of workshops in 2019, which will continue on into 2020. This page reflects the titles of each of the workshops that have been held. This page will be updated to include new workshops as they are held and to provide example material from all completed … Continue reading Workshops

A Letter to Priests

Dear Priests, The Legion of Mary has an invitation to all of you. We all have but one Faith to share with our brothers and sisters and we all are in need of the love of God and Mary. In order to bring the love of Jesus and Mary to others we need to be … Continue reading A Letter to Priests

Praesidia in Nursing Homes

There is currently one Legion of Mary praesidia serving a local Rhode Island nursing home.    Our Lady of the Holy Trinity Praesidum is dedicated to the residents of the Jeanne Jugan Residence for the Elderly Poor  in Pawtucket, RI.  The praesidium consists of 8 active members and 8 auxilliary members.  They were led  by … Continue reading Praesidia in Nursing Homes

Junior Praesidia

Junior Praesidia in Rhode Island There are currently two junior Legion of Mary praesidia in Rhode Island.  Junior praesidia are open to young people who are under 18 years of age.  Like the adult praesidia, they are asked to say the Catena daily and come to praesidia meetings. Instead of being required to perform at least two … Continue reading Junior Praesidia

The Legion and the Priest

What is most necessary at the present time is to have in each parish a group of laymen at the same time virtuous, enlightened, determined, and really apostolic.’ St. Pius X The Legion works hand and glove with the priest. The Legion extends the priest. The importance of having priests in the Legion of Mary: … Continue reading The Legion and the Priest

The Reason for the Legion

What Makes the Legion Unique and Precious? Someone might say, “Why bother to join the Legion at all? Isn’t it just a collection of prayers and actions that anyone can do? The Rosary is wonderful, but we can do it by ourselves. Visiting people in the parish who are sick or homebound is great, but … Continue reading The Reason for the Legion

PDF Forms and Files

The Legion of Mary Providence Comitium News and Events

News 2021 An Afternoon to Honor Mary and JesusFor 100 years of the Legion of Mary. PROVIDENCE — We are delighted that the Most Reverend Thomas Tobin will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Legion of Mary in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul at 1:00 on November 21st. All are welcome. The Legion … Continue reading The Legion of Mary Providence Comitium News and Events

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Legion of Mary Website Guidelines

These are the guidelines from the Dublin Concilium (central authority) for Legion of Mary websites. Guidelines for Legion WebsitesApproved by Concilium at the December 2005 meeting 1. No commercial advertising permitted – never make use of so called “free” sites 2. Opening page should identify website as belonging to Legion of Mary (use Vexillum or … Continue reading Legion of Mary Website Guidelines

The Handbook

The Handbook of the Legion is the best source of spiritual information and action in the Legion. The first half of the book especially is filled with spiritual treasures. It is a handbook for life, not just the Legion. Many legionnaires have marked up their favorite passages in their handbooks and they are well worn. … Continue reading The Handbook