Website Excerpts

Concluding Thoughts -

A website is not like a book or a magazine, with a definite end. Still, we can summarize.

We have tried to show how the Legion of Mary is seen from the point of view of the daily meditations of the rosary, and also from the point of view of the handbook, the weekly meeting, the role of the Legion in the Church, and the motherhood of Mary.

Above all, the Legion is based on spiritual friendship and family, because each person is unique, precious and unrepeatable. Each person is a universe. Although we fail in many ways, our goals are high and our love is of Mary. Let us encourage one another.

God and Mary have a plan for you. We hope this site helps you with your life. God bless you. Please consider joining our beautiful family....
How to Join the Legion -

First of all, get in touch. We would be happy to help you. The best way to see the Legion is to come as a guest to a weekly meeting at a local parish. We can help you find one. If you can’t come to a meeting, you can still be an auxiliary member. ...