More on What Makes the Legion Unique and Precious

This explicit obedience is not our own spiritual work. It is Mary working in us. Mary is interested in us in a particular time and place and family and home. Mary is on guard, without rest. The Legion of Mary gives explicit obedience to a person by going out on active works from the weekly meeting. In the same way, praying the rosary or other prayer preferably before a statue or image is explicitly saying

“Mary, you are my Mother. Help me.”

Openly proclaiming Mary frees us from fear and strengthens our faith, instead of making it weaker by only believing in God in a general way. Do not hide your faith and trust in Mary to bring you closer to God.

As we said, this kind of obedience is a joy. It makes life easier, not harder. Vatican II said on obedience specifically for lay people:

“Lay groups and associations dedicated to the apostolate … should carefully and assiduously promote formation for the apostolate in keeping with their purpose and condition,” (VI, 30)

Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity

Many third orders consecrate themselves to Mary. Of course, most Carmelite, Dominican and Franciscan third order lay groups implicitly give everything to Our Lady. The only difference is whether the gift is implicit or explicit, that is public and spoken out loud.

Joyful obedience to the president is how we carry out our assignments. It is a living obedience, adaptable to the current situation, not obedience to a written law that is inflexible. We do the best we can. We pray that at the end of the day, God and Mary will make our imperfect works perfect.

Second Vatican Council wants all lay apostles to “function under the higher direction of the hierarchy.” (IV, 20) Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity

Pope Paul VI, in his letter to Frank Duff, singles out for special praise the Legion of Mary’s discipline and “unflinching loyalty to the Church.”

International Public Associations of the Faithful

“The most profound justification for promoting the Legion is because it can make saints. No other justification is really needed.”

Fr. Bede