Other Heroic Members of the Legion

Archbishop Riberi, Papal Internuncio to Africa during Edel’s legendary conquests there, was later transferred to China and there he used Edel’s methods to organize the Legion of Mary in China before the Communists forcibly took over this unfortunate people.

The Irish Columban, Father Aedan McGrath, spent the three most thrilling years of his life as Legion envoy in that nation where so few have heard the Gospel. Often only a day’s march ahead of the Communist armies, Father McGrath set up over a thousand praesidia in ninety Chinese dioceses. The Legion patrols in China became the Communists’ most feared enemy. Today they are keeping the Faith alive in the chained Church in China. The Communists’ plan for a National Church was ruined by what they called an “Imperialist Legion of Mary.” A “progressive” priest in a Communist newspaper article said that wherever there was a praesidium of the Legion the National Church has been a complete failure.

The Legion Handbook quotes the Cure of Ars as saying: “The world belongs to him who loves it most and proves that love.” The Challenge of Communism can only be met by apostles, active workers for God shielded with the armor of prayer and branded with the marks of heroic self-sacrifice and total dedication to Christ. This is God’s world and Chinese Legionary heroes and heroines are proving their loyalty in prisons and in death. In China alone the Legion of Mary has a thousand martyrs and ten thousand who have suffered in prison for the Faith.