Legion Spirit

The Legion is more than its works, its rules, and even its spirituality. The spirit of the Legion is hard to define, and is best seen by coming to a local Praesidium meeting or a Day of Evangelization or a Patricians meeting. Here are some articles on the Spirit of the Legion to give a taste of what the Legion is like:

“To be able to discover the actual will of the Lord in our lives always involves the following: a receptive listening to the Word of God and the Church, fervent and constant prayer, recourse to a wise and loving spiritual guide, and a faithful discernment of the gifts and talents given by God as well as the diverse social and historic situations in which one lives.” (CL 58)

from the Handbook

The Legion and St. Ignatius

The Legion has several key principles that it has learned from Saint Ignatius and his Spiritual Exercises. Frank Duff’s  spiritual director was a Jesuit. 

The first principle the Legion uses is that  discernment about what we should do is a difficult but possible spiritual task. 

Here is a typical Ignatian method of prayer. 

In prayer, we can start from scratch. Imagine yourself as one of the original 12 apostles. Imagine yourself even as the first apostle chosen, Andrew. OR imagine yourself in the early church with just a few people. And the whole world to go to. What would you do? Probably talk to your friends and family about seeing Jesus alive after he was dead, and then telling them about what He commanded us to do, namely repeat the breaking of the bread at Mass, teaching the faith and morals, and so forth.

At the same time in prayer, do not throw out the richness of the development of the Catholic faith. Imagine yourself able to rely on all the saints and great writers of the Church. 

Then imagine the whole world at the end of time reconciled to Jesus. Those who did not understand their suffering will understand and be grateful to Jesus. Prayer in the Legion strikes a fine balance between finding something new and fresh, and keeping what is good from the old.

Here are some fruitful avenues to understand the richness of the Legion Spirit.

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