Legion Structure

The Legion of Mary follows a structure based on the original organization from Dublin Ireland.

The most basic structure in the Legion is the Praesidium, a group of Legionaries from the same parish or organization who meet with each other on a weekly basis.

Individual Praesidia may either form part of a Curia that would report to the Comitium on their behalf or report to the Comitium directly.

The Comitium, in turn, must report to a higher level regional group, such as a Senatus.

The ultimate authority in the Legion of Mary is the Concilium, which is an international council located in Ireland.

The Chain of Command for Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts:

International (Concilium):

The Concilium Legionis

Regional (Senatus):

The Boston Senatus is the regional council for the New England area. It reports to the Concilium Legionis.

State (Comitium):

The Providence Comitium is responsible for all Praesidia and Curia in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. It reports to the Boston Senatus.

Officers of the Providence Comitium:

  • Diocesan Spiritual Director: Rev. Raymond Luft
  • President: Edward Gallagher
  • Vice  President: Tom Barber
  • Secretary: Dorothy Wiencis 
  • Treasurer: Kathleen Hook
  • Ecclesial Authority: Most Rev. Thomas Tobin, Bishop of Providence

Local (Curia):

The Cranston Curia, New Bedford Curia, and Spanish Curia are local councils which report to the Providence Comitium.

Officers of the Cranston Curia:

  • President: Robert Leonard
  • Vice President: Barbara Dwyer 
  • Secretary: Lourdes Fitzgerald 
  • Treasurer: Jim Nicastro

Officers of the New Bedford Curia:

  • Please check for updates on officers soon…

Officers of the Spanish Curia:

  • President: Elvira Alonso
  • Vice President:  Elsie Pereira
  • Secretary: Leticia Garcia 
  • Treasurer: Maria Tejada

The Providence Comitium and each of its related Curia are responsible for a number of individual Praesidia groups that report directly to their councils.

For a list of the Praesidia reporting to the Providence Comitium by area, please visit https://thelegionofmaryri.com/2019/06/23/about-2/