A Letter to Priests

Dear Priests,

The Legion of Mary has an invitation to all of you. We all have but one Faith to share with our brothers and sisters and we all are in need of the love of God and Mary. In order to bring the love of Jesus and Mary to others we need to be ambassadors of the good news and bring him to those who are not able to come to him physically, those who are lonely, sick or in distress. The Church needs you as a priest, and needs the Legion to help you to bring Jesus to others.

There is no greater love and joy than giving your time for others, and we are here to assist and help you. Please be open to the Legion of Mary in your Parish we will be very happy to volunteer our time and help you out. In order make this happen, we encourage all priests to talk about the importance of the Rosary being said in the families together, and then to allow Mary our Mother lead us to Jesus. We are all part of one family under our Mother Mary and God our Father.


Do you know what specific types of work the Legion does? Here is a list of the work being done by the Legionaries in the diocese. 

  • Visiting the sick in Hospitals and in their own homes.
  • Visiting new families to help to incorporate them into the life of the Parish family.
  • Visiting prospective converts, and keeping in contact with new converts.
  • Teaching catechism to those who cannot come to the rectory for instructions.
  • Preparing shut-ins for Baptism and Confirmation.
  • Conducting Parish discussion groups;
  • Inviting and accompanying non-Catholics to inquiry classes;
  • Taking a Parish census.
  • Operating a Parish library or pamphlet rack.
  • Inviting lax and lapsed Catholics to attend Mass and frequent the Sacraments with them.
  • Inviting Catholics who can to have their marriage validated .
  • Visiting families in the Parish to foster Catholic devotions or membership in other parish societies;
  • Encouraging Catholics to send their children to Catholic schools or to religious instruction classes.
  • Doing specialized apostolic work, like apostolate to the crowd in center of the city, and the homeless apostolate.

(List taken from “The Pastor and the Legion of Mary”)

May God bless you,

Marissa K., a member of the Legion of Mary.