A Letter to Priests - Dear Priests, The Legion of Mary has an invitation to all of you. We all have but one Faith to share with our brothers and sisters and we all are in need of the love of God and Mary. In order to bring the love of Jesus and Mary to others we need to be … Continue reading A Letter to Priests
A Letter to All our Readers - Dear Friend, Your own life and personal situation might incline you to prayer or to action. It might mean you want to learn more or meet others.  The Legion transforms ordinary Catholics in to soldiers — evangelizers for Mary. Devoting all to Mary, God’s grace is fully engaged. This empowers the discipline we need to … Continue reading A Letter to All our Readers
A Letter To Auxiliaries - Dear Auxiliaries, We as Legionaries need you, need your prayers to make us stronger in all we do, and to be similar to our guardian angels. You are our pillars. Pray. Be close to Mary. Mary leads us to Jesus. Say your Rosary and the prayers that the auxiliaries are called to say every day. Mary … Continue reading A Letter To Auxiliaries