A Letter To Auxiliaries

Dear Auxiliaries,

We as Legionaries need you, need your prayers to make us stronger in all we do, and to be similar to our guardian angels. You are our pillars. Pray. Be close to Mary. Mary leads us to Jesus. Say your Rosary and the prayers that the auxiliaries are called to say every day. Mary our Mother will be very happy with all your generosity towards your Legionary brothers and sisters.

The generosity of our auxiliaries is greatly appreciated because with your prayers you’re doing the work with us.

Your own life and personal situation might incline you to prayer or to action. It might mean you want to learn more or meet others. 

The Legion transforms ordinary Catholics in to soldiers — evangelizers for Mary. Devoting all to Mary, God’s grace is fully engaged. This empowers the discipline we need to undertake this essential work. Just as Christ’s flesh was formed in Mary’s womb, the Legion forms believers into living images of Christ. Our Lord elected me to the Legion to make my life more fruitful.

As members of the Legion of Mary, we always seek to imitate Mary’s “Yes” to God and to likewise do His will by the Holy Spirit. Like Mary, we strive to live a balanced life of prayer and action. By seeking to imitate Mary, we hope to embody the humility that allowed her to do the greatest things for the glory of God.

You will be rewarded for all the sacrifices and even pain that you offer for all our dear Legionaries.

You receive one hundredfold, one thousandfold, one millionfold in return.

Marissa K., Legionary