A Letter to All our Readers

Dear Friend,

Your own life and personal situation might incline you to prayer or to action. It might mean you want to learn more or meet others. 

The Legion transforms ordinary Catholics in to soldiers — evangelizers for Mary. Devoting all to Mary, God’s grace is fully engaged. This empowers the discipline we need to undertake this essential work. Just as Christ’s flesh was formed in Mary’s womb, the Legion forms believers into living images of Christ. Our Lord elected me to the Legion to make my life more fruitful.

There are many points of view, and many ways to use this website, but always we have one Mother Mary, one older brother Jesus, and one Father in heaven. 

In recruiting new members, I always tell them that the Blessed Mother does not choose the capable but makes capable the one she chooses, and what we do as Legion members is for the glory and honor of God and Blessed Mother.

Wherever you are,  whoever you are, this is for you. The Legion is for everyone. Our friends can always become auxiliaries or members who go to meetings. It doesn’t matter if you are the most active catholic or if you don’t even have have enough strength to move. The Legion is for everyone. 

If you want to live and serve Jesus and Mary better in  your brothers and sisters, nothing can hold you back, if you feel the call.  Don’t hesitate step forward and do it. God called me to do it , so He can do it with you. It doesn’t take too much, just to say yes and let the Holy Spirit lead you.

Do the same as Mary at the moment of the annunciation. She said  yes, Your will be done, and from that moment nothing stopped her from doing what God wanted from her, despite all the sacrifices and pain she faced in her life because she was obedient to the will of God from her birth to the end.

I can’t tell you what to do, but I encourage you to be open to read some of this information we are giving you and pray to the Holy Spirit to give you courage and put yourself at the service of the needy in spirit, soul and body.

         God bless you and lead you, 

Marissa K., Legionary