How to Run Our Meetings and the Spiritual Reasons Why

Notes from the Workshop on Legion meetings:

In this workshop, we spoke about several parts of the meeting. First, special care in preparing the altar was discussed. The beauty of the Altar, the flowers, and how the altar connect to the seating layout are all important. In order to run a meeting we need first of all the presence of our Lady and an Altar for her.

Then we discussed how we say the rosary in the Legion. The president or spiritual director begins one decade and everyone responds.  Then the rest of the members begin the next decade all together, and so forth.  No additional prayers are said, for example “O my Jesus…”, so that the rosary in the Legion meeting is said the same around the world. 

After that comes the Spiritual Reading. The Spiritual Reading is taken only from the Handbook even though other writings are holy and beautiful. 

Then, after several other details, come the reports. The reports must be said out loud and made interesting for everyone to hear. The work should not be handed in on paper. Only assigned works with a partner should be mentioned here. Each partner should give their perspective on the work. Individual or unassigned work should be mentioned under Other Business.  

Next, the Allocutio should also be interesting and spoken simply from the heart, touching on the Handbook Reading. This is a time to focus on the spirit of the Legion of Mary, not many other spiritualities and activities. 

Later, under other business, many topics can be discussed including reports from the central Curia or Comitium each month, recruitment, the number of medals and rosaries and pieces of literature given out, and also upcoming events should be mentioned. Questions and answers followed the workshop. Special care was taken to speak about correction of legionaries first in private, and only rarely. We should always find the gold in others before throwing out any dirt.

These are just some of the details from the workshop on the meeting. 

A few more Notes:

In order to run a meeting we need first of all the presence of our Lady and an Altar for her, with a vexillum two candles two vases with fresh flowers, the altar should have a altar cloth with the Logo, “Legio Mariae” in latin, in order to be the same throughout the world. We invoke the presence of Mary and the Holy Spirit. We kneel, 

We should  always  be on time for the meeting and attend every week, although we can be excused when necessary.

• The work should be “substantial “ that is , the legionary should spend a couple of hours a week at it, going out in pairs.

• The work is but prayer in another form, and the rules of prayer must be applied to it.

• The Legionary is a soldier, and duty should not be a less virile thing to the legionary than it is to the soldiers of earthly causes.

• The legionary work is to be done in closest union with Mary.

  If we do so we’ll never fail as a legionaries!