An Invitation to Join the Legion

Dear Friend,

Because He loves us so much, He gave us a Mother who said “Yes!”

In obedience she said “Yes” to the Annunciation of the angel, to give us a Savior. This “Yes” brought us her divine Son, the Redeemer, who will show us the way to the Father. With no hesitation she said; “Be it done according to your will, I am the handmaid of the Lord.” Mary is asking us to give a generous “Yes” to Him, offering our talents that we got from Him to reach out to our brothers and sisters in need of His word, His compassion, and love. Let’s be generous and give our “Yes” to Jesus and our Mother Mary.

We invite you to join us, to do this beautiful work with the blessed Mother’s help. She will lead us like a shining star. She needs you and me to do the work; more feet, more hands, and nice words are needed to reach out to all those in need of good news, and to be listened to. Reach out to all those thirsty and hungry for His love.

Mary was so obedient to the will of the Father that she didn’t hesitate to visit her cousin Elizabeth in a very charitable and loving way. So we too can do the same, and reach out to all those who are in need, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Let’s say “Yes” to Jesus and Mary.

Our vocation is to say “Yes” to God following Mary’s example. At the moment of the annunciation of the Angel she didn’t hesitate to say “Yes” to the Father, and at the moment of visiting St. Elizabeth she went without delay, spending time with her and helping her out. Mary followed Jesus on his public ministry, and at the wedding of Cana, she tells us: “Do whatever He tells you.” She gives us the perfect example of humility, leading us on the way to Jesus through her service and dedication. She reaches out regardless of the cost or the sacrifice. We can too. Let’s be generous reaching out to help others. 

God bless you and lead you, 

Marissa K., Legionary