Legion Books and Pamphlets

We have covered spiritual books in the Legion tradition on the page “Further Reading”. The core of the Legion is a unique spirituality described in the Handbook and in the writings of Frank Duff, Legion priests and others. Please read

Mary Shall Reign – Frank Duff

Inside the Legion of Mary – Peffley

Insights of a Legion of Mary Priest – Lendacky

These pamphlets and little books are also important:

Can We Be Saints? – Frank Duff

The DeMontfort Way – Frank Duff

Gems of Wisdom – Frank Duff

Talks to Legionaries – Fr. Ripley

Jubilee Talks to Legionaries – Fr. Ripley

Please subscribe to “Maria Legionis” from the Philadelphia Senatus, and read and any Allocutio of Fr. Bede McGregor, Spiritual Director of the Comitium in Dublin, found on the central Legion of Mary website.