The Core Works and Prayers of the Legion

The Legion of Mary has many activities and ways of prayer. Many of them are general Catholic Action like helping on bread lines, helping families, and joining in rosaries or holy hours organized by others. Some activities are specifically Legion and are core Legion activities. Starting new Praesidiums, Days of Evangelization, Street Evangelization, or distributing communion to the homebound are essential to the Legion. How do we decide whether a work or prayer is a core Legion activity? There is general agreement between all the praesidia and the curia and the upper counsels on core Legion activity, but it is not always written down. There has to be ongoing communication between the praesidium and the upper councils to find this agreement. Days of Evangelization have recently been presented and approved by the central Concilium. Other prayers and works have not yet been approved and are still in development. Still other works and prayers are dormant and some Legionaries are surprised to hear about them. The Legion is an ongoing work and prayer.