Quotes on Fifteen Decades of the Holy Rosary Daily

From these quotes it is abundantly  clear that St. Louis de Montfort was recommending a full fifteen decades to adults. Yet people he was speaking with on missions were often hardened sinners, just beginning in their faith and conversion. 

Why start with the Holy Rosary? Because frequently that is where people start deepening their spiritual journey. After praying a Hail Mary, and then a decade of the Rosary they begin to pray more. Eventually they can work up to going to daily Mass and adoration, all depending on their state in life.

The Rosary is the door to the rest of a full catholic life and life in heaven.

A Red Rose: For Sinners

“By all means, then, let us recite the entire Rosary every day, that is to say, three rosaries each of five decades, which we can liken to three garlands or crowns of flowers. We should also meditate on its more profound meaning…”

A Rosebud: [a message to children]

“Dear little friends, this beautiful rosebud is for you; it is one of the beads of your Rosary, and it may seem to you to be such a tiny thing. But if you only knew how precious this bead is! This wonderful bud will open out into a gorgeous rose if you say your Hail Mary really well. Of course it would be too much to expect you to say the whole fifteen mysteries every day, but do say at least five mysteries, and say them properly with love and devotion. “

First Rose 

“The Rosary is made up of two things: mental prayer and vocal prayer. In the Rosary mental prayer is none other than meditation of the chief mysteries of the life, death and glory of Jesus Christ and of his blessed Mother. Vocal prayer consists in saying fifteen decades of [the Rosary]…”

Fifth Rose: Confraternity

“Strictly speaking, there can be only one kind of Confraternity of the Rosary, that is, one whose members agree to say the entire Rosary of 150 Hail Marys every day. However, considering the fervour of those who say it, we may distinguish three kinds: Ordinary Membership, which entails saying the complete Rosary once a week; Perpetual Membership, which requires it to be said only once a year; Daily Membership, which obliges one to say it all every day, that is, the fifteen decades made up of 150 Hail Marys.”

Twenty-first Rose: The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary

Our Lady taught Blessed Alan de la Roche and said to him in a vision:

“When people say 150 Hail Mary’s, this prayer is very helpful to them and is a very pleasing tribute to Me.”… “But they will do better still and will please Me even more if they say these Hail Mary’s while meditating on the life, death and passion of Jesus Christ – for this meditation is the soul of this prayer.”

Twenty-Fifth Rose: The Wealth Of Sanctification

 …if you are still in the state of active contemplation or the ordinary prayer of quietude, or the presence of God, affective prayer, you have even less reason for giving up the Rosary. Far from making you lose ground in mental prayer or stunting your spiritual growth, it will be a wonderful help to you. You will find it a real Jacob’s ladder with fifteen rungs by which you will go from virtue to virtue and from light to light. Thus, without danger of being misled, you will easily arrive at the fullness of the age of Jesus Christ.

45th Rose

“…I advise you to divide up your Rosary into three parts and to say each group of mysteries (five decades) at a different time of day. This is much better than saying the whole fifteen decades all at once.

If you cannot find the time to say a third part of the Rosary all at one time, say it gradually, a decade here and there. I am sure you can manage this; so that, in spite of your work and all the calls upon your time, you will have said the whole Rosary before going to bed.

Saint Francis de Sales sets us a very good example of faithfulness in this respect: once when he was quite exhausted from the visits of the day and remembered, towards midnight, that he had left a few decades of his Rosary unsaid, he would not go to bed until he had finished them on his knees, notwithstanding all the efforts of his secretary who saw he was tired and begged him to let the rest of his prayers go until the next day.”

Appendix –

The Power, Value And Holiness Of The Rosary:

A Revelation of Our Blessed Lady to Blessed Alan de la Roche

“Having been strongly urged to do so by Saint Dominic, all the brothers and sisters of his order honored [Mary and her Son] unceasingly and in an indescribably beautiful way by saying the Holy Rosary.  Every day each one of them said at least one complete Rosary. If anybody failed to say it he felt that his day was entirely spoiled. 

The Brothers of Saint Dominic had so great a love for this holy devotion that it made them do everything better and they used to hurry to church or to the choir to sing the office. If one of them was seen to carry out his duties carelessly the others would say with assurance: 

“Oh, Brother! Either you are not saying Mary’s Psalter [the Rosary] any more or else you are saying it badly.” 

“…After the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, there is nothing in the Church that I love as much as the Rosary.” 

-Our Lady to Blessed Alan de la Roche

“…Reciting with attention, devotion and reverence the fifteen decades of the Rosary in honour of the fifteen principal mysteries of our Lord, or at least five decades …”

 From “True Devotion to Mary” 
Part I: True Devotion To Our Lady In General (cont)
Ch 2: In what Devotion to Mary Consists (cont)
  3. Principal practices of devotion to Mary

The Legion of Mary in Rhode Island


Our mission as members of the Legion of Mary in Rhode Island is to offer everyone the chance to build a deeper relationship with Jesus through his most Blessed Mother, Mary. We meet in small groups at parishes throughout the State of Rhode Island and seek to spread the love of Jesus, often through simple acts of kindness towards those who may otherwise have been forgotten.

Such works, however, depend on the deeply Marian spirituality which we practice as members of the Legion of Mary and which we offer here to you.

One of the core pillars of this Marian spirituality is a devotion to the Holy Rosary. As such, we have put together a set of Rosary Meditations to guide you through this powerful prayer. These Meditations are also meant give you a taste of what the Legion of Mary is like, as we discuss the connection between the mysteries of the Rosary, such as the Visitation and the Annunciation, and the works of the Legion, such as home visitation and a willingness to say “yes” to the things we have been called to do by the will of God.

Since God came to us through Mary, we go to Him through Mary.

As members of the Legion of Mary, we try to imitate Mary by living a balanced life of prayer and action. Since God came to us through Mary, we go to Him through Mary. We consecrate ourselves to Mary because Jesus did.

If you would like to read more about the spirituality of the Legion, we have put together an Overview of Legion Spirituality, which will provide a more in-depth look at the spiritual foundation on which the Legion of Mary is built. If you are more interested in the activities of the Legion, you can visit our Activities page and read about the many things that we do as Legion members, including Days of Evangelization. We have also put together a History of the Legion, which describes the phenomenal stories of change and growth throughout our history. Finally, we would like to leave you with a message of hope, both through Encouragement from the Saints and through the stories of the Miraculous Medal, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Our Lady of Fatima in The Age of the Church.

While it is impossible to include everything in a single website, we have provided suggestions for Further Reading which may help you to grow further in your own spirituality. And, if you finish reading everything we have provided so far, perhaps you may even feel called to join the Legion of Mary yourself!

God bless,

The Legion of Mary of Rhode Island, Providence Comitium

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Here is a excerpt From The Holy Rosary and the Legion:

The Holy Rosary is the lifeblood of the Legion of Mary. The Legion was born out of the Rosary, is sustained by the Rosary, and would die without constant recitation of the Rosary. The very spirit of the Legion is drawn from its meditation on the Mysteries of the Rosary.

From the Annunciation: As members of the Legion of Mary, we always seek to imitate Mary’s “Yes” to God and to likewise do His will by the Holy Spirit. Like Mary, we strive to live a balanced life of prayer and action. By seeking to imitate Mary, we hope to embody the humility that allowed her to do the greatest things for the glory of God….

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If you have any questions regarding the Legion of Mary, need help with your parish, or you would like to learn how to become a member, please feel free to contact us at thelegionri@gmail.com.

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How Many Decades of the Rosary Should I Pray?

One of the first decisions you will have to make when beginning to pray the Rosary is the number of decades you intend to pray. After all, it is impossible to say a formal prayer if you don’t know what words you are going to be saying!

There is a surprising amount of variability in the way that the Rosary is said worldwide, especially when you consider the special devotions of the various Catholic religious orders. The Legion of Mary, however, suggests choosing one of four different ways of engaging with the Rosary based on your ability and circumstances:

  • The traditional fifteen decades of the Rosary, as established by St. Pope Pius V
  • The extended twenty decades of the Rosary, as established by St. Pope John Paul II
  • The popular five decades of the Rosary, based on the daily schedule suggested by St. Pope John Paul II
  • One decade of the Rosary prayed in conjunction with a Living Rosary group

Each of these devotions is a fantastic way of showing your love for God. Please read on to learn their unique benefits.

fifteen decades of the Holy Rosary

Even those who have agreed with everything they’ve read so far about Mary often struggle to commit themselves to saying a full fifteen decades of the Rosary daily. While this is understandable given how busy modern life keeps most of us, it is also very unfortunate, due to the great benefits offered by the daily recitation of the full Rosary.

St. Louis de Montfort was a great champion of the Rosary, and he wrote a great deal on the value of the full Rosary. In “True Devotion to Mary,” he said:

I earnestly beg of you, then, by the love I bear you in Jesus and Mary, not to be content with saying the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin, but say the Rosary too, and if time permits, all its fifteen decades, every day. Then when death draws near, you will bless the day and hour when you took to heart what I told you, for having sown the blessings of Jesus and Mary, you will reap the eternal blessings in heaven.

From “True Devotion to Mary”
Chapter Seven – Particular Practices Of This Devotion
1. Exterior Practices 
by St Louis de Montfort

In another of his works, “The Secret of the Rosary,” he makes it clear that one’s choice to recite the Rosary may be even more pressing than simply earning heavenly rewards:

“If priests and religious have an obligation to meditate on the great truths of our holy religion in order to live up to their vocation worthily, the same obligation, then, is just as much incumbent upon the laity — because of the fact that every day they meet with spiritual dangers which might make them lose their souls. Therefore they should arm themselves with the frequent meditation on the life, virtues and sufferings of Our Blessed Lord — which are so beautifully contained in the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary.” St. LDM

From “The Secret of the Rosary”
Twenty-Fourth Rose: Means of Perfection
By St. Louis de Montfort

Here are eight more places in “The Secret of the Rosary” where St. Louis mentions praying fifteen decades of the Holy Rosary daily:

Given what he wrote, it is abundantly clear that St. Louis de Montfort recommended a full fifteen decades to adults. Yet he was not speaking primarily to priests or members of religious orders. In fact, the people he was speaking were often hardened sinners in the earliest stages of their faith and conversion. 

Why, then, did St. Louis de Montfort begin with as demanding a prayer routine as a full fifteen decades of the Rosary?

First, the Rosary is designed to act as a door into a deeper spiritual life, and eventually to life in heaven. Mary is not a static statue to whom we offer rote prayers. She is active in our lives, drawing us closer to her Son, teaching us how to love correctly and leading us to proper worship of God.

The prayers of the Rosary, then, offer a tremendous opportunity for spiritual development. By following Mary’s lead, a single Hail Mary can lead you to a decade of a Rosary, which can develop into a consistent prayer life, until one day you might even feel called to attend daily Mass and Eucharistic Adoration.

Second, experience has shown us that reciting the full fifteen decades of the Rosary is the surest way to stay connected to the will of God. Each of the mysteries is designed to teach us who God is and what He wants from us. By meditating on the conception and birth of Jesus, we begin to understand what it means for Him to be True God and true man. By meditating on the assumption and crowning of Mary, we can better understand what it means for God to desire us to participate in His divine life.

Most importantly, by meditating on the Passion and death of Jesus, we can better recognize and respond to His incredible love for us. According to St. Louis de Montfort, St. Bernard had a particular devotion to meditating on the Passion:

“At the very beginning of my conversion,” [St. Bernard] said, “I made a bouquet of myrrh made up of the sorrows of my Savior. I placed this bouquet upon my heart, thinking of the stripes, the thorns and the nails of His passion. I used all my mental strength to meditate on these mysteries every day.” 

Once Saint Bernard began this meditation he always continued it. 

“This was a practice of the Holy Martyrs too; we know how admirably they triumphed over the most cruel sufferings. Saint Bernard says that the Martyrs’ wonderful constancy could have only sprung from one source: their constant meditation on the wounds of Jesus Christ. The Martyrs were Christ’s athletes, His champions; while their blood gushed forth and their bodies were wracked with cruel torments, their generous souls were hidden in the wounds of Our Lord. These wounds made them invincible. “

From The Secret of the Rosary
St. Louis de Montfort

Finally, by choosing to pray the full fifteen decades of the Rosary, you will have far less time to speak idly or get yourself into trouble!

Of course, regardless of all of these benefits, praying fifteen decades of the Rosary can still take quite a long amount of time! As such, St. Louis de Montfort recommended breaking the Rosary up and spacing its prayers throughout the day. If necessary, he suggested even praying one decade at a time!

If someone prays all 15 decades (now 20 decades) each day, De Montfort recommends breaking it up and spacing those prayers throughout the day and if need be, a person could pray one decade at a time.

Twenty Decades of the Holy Rosary

If one of the benefits of praying fifteen decades of the Rosary daily is a deeper prayer life, one of the ways in which that deeper prayer life might be expressed is by the choice to pray twenty decades of the Rosary daily rather than fifteen!

The five Luminous Mysteries were added to the Holy Rosary by St. Pope John Paul II in 2002, each of which is designed to reflect an important mystery of the faith. Several of these mysteries — the Baptism of Jesus, the Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and the Institution of the Eucharist — even reflect the institution of sacraments.

Each of these mysteries provides a further opportunity to meditate on and enter more deeply into the will of God.

Five Decades of the Holy Rosary

If it is impossible or impractical to pray a full fifteen or twenty decades of the Rosary daily, the Church has provided a convenient program through which you can pray every mystery of the Rosary at least once throughout the course of a week:

  • Monday, Saturday: Joyful Mysteries
  • Tuesday, Friday: Sorrowful Mysteries
  • Wednesday, Sunday: Glorious Mysteries
  • Thursday: Luminous Mysteries

The obligations the Legion of Mary imposes on its members, likewise, are based around the praying of five decades of the Rosary. Auxiliaries must pray five decades of the Rosary daily, and the only obligation of active members of the Legion is to pray five decades during the weekly meeting.

One of the greatest benefits one can receive from praying five decades of the Rosary is a plenary indulgence. This requires the fulfillment of several conditions while praying — all five decades must be prayed continuously, the prayers must be said vocally, the mysteries must be meditated upon (and announced, if the Rosary is being said publicly). One must also be free from all attachment to sin. Furthermore, three further conditions must be met within a week — a sacramental confession, reception of the Holy Eucharist, and a prayer for the intentions of the Pope.

While these conditions might seem incredibly demanding, the value of a plenary indulgence is incalculable. A single plenary indulgence is sufficient to free a soul from purgatory! And it’s important not to despair, thinking that you couldn’t possibly gain a plenary indulgence. Even if one or more of the conditions is not met, you can still gain a partial indulgence for whatever you were able to do.

One Decade of the Holy Rosary

If it isn’t possible for you to pray fifteen (or even five) decades of the Rosary, it’s still possible for you to participate in the devotion by praying one decade of the Rosary as part of the Association of the Living Rosary.

“In the Association of the Living Rosary, we promise to say one decade of the Rosary and meditate that day on the mystery. Others members take the other mysteries that day to make up a whole Rosary. That way a whole Rosary is said by the group. What a wonderful way to pray!

…[Venerable Marie-Pauline Jaricot founded] the Living Rosary because, she said, “this beautiful devotion [to the Rosary] has been left to professional devotees, and on condition that they be old or have nothing else to do:  which is a very false prejudice, and which, unfortunately, exists everywhere.  ( … )  What matters is to have the Rosary accepted by everyone.”  This is precisely our own preoccupation:  that the Rosary be appreciated by those amongst us who only say it with reluctance.

How did Ven. Marie-Pauline Jaricot go about this?  Realizing that it was difficult for a lot of people to say fifteen decades of Hail Marys, she encouraged them to begin saying the Rosary little by little.  She had the idea of forming volunteers into groups of fifteen, with each person committing to:  1) saying a decade of the Rosary each day and 2) meditating on the mystery which had been assigned to that person each month by drawing lots.

… Marie-Pauline Jaricot’s idea was recommended by the Church and in six years it succeeded in having more than a million people in its Living Rosary.

-Yves de Lassus. From  N°71 : The Living Rosary (link)

The value of the Living Rosary is found not only in its accessibility, but also in its much narrower focus.

For example, if the mystery you were assigned for the month was The Visitation, your prayer would not simply be limited to the recitation of one Our Father, ten Hail Marys, and a Glory Be. Instead, you would meditate on the fact that Mary “went in haste to visit her cousin Elizabeth” — that Mary rushes to us and does not stay distant — in your every action and prayer throughout the day.

How might this be expressed? Imagine that, while you were assigned to meditate on The Visitation, you were given an opportunity to consider the Passion of Jesus and found yourself shrinking way. In accordance with your assigned mystery, you could consider that Mary always rushes to your aid, and that she will help you accept the suffering and death of Jesus as His act of love. You could even consider the ways in which Mary’s eagerness echoes the eagerness with which Jesus rushed to die for us.

Can you see now how praying “just one decade” could change everything?

“The person who has the happiness of reciting every day the entire fifteen decades of the Rosary can apply in their Rosary their dedicated decade and appropriately apply meditation of the mystery that they are assigned.” 

Petite Manual Of The Living Rosary

The Legion of Mary promotes both the Living Rosary and the full Rosary, without compromising either. Both are ways of doing something great for God.

While joining the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary or the Living Rosary can be a great way to motivate yourself to pray the Rosary more consistently, it is more important to start following their recommendations as soon as possible. Why not visit our Rosary page to read a meditation on each mystery, pick a mystery to meditate on this month, and start meditating today?

The Luminous Mysteries

Jesus is Baptized in the Jordan

The Baptism in the Jordan

Spiritual Fruit: Openness to the Holy Spirit

The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River differed from every other baptism ever performed in one very important way – Jesus had no sin from which He needed to be cleansed. And yet, in spite of his sinlessness, He chose to submit to his cousin John the Baptist’s baptism of repentance.

While Jesus had no personal need of baptism, He understood that His baptism was necessary for the sake of humanity as a whole. Jesus’ baptism transformed baptism itself, and the descent of the Holy Spirit on Him during His baptism opened the way for the Holy Spirit to descend on those who enter into that baptism through their own.

As members of the Legion of Mary, we seek to promote openness to the Holy Spirit in whatever small ways we can. Through our works of consolation, conservation, and conversion, we hope to make straight a path for the Holy Spirit to act in the lives of those we meet. It is only fitting, then, that St. John the Baptist is one of the patrons of the Legion.

Jesus Changes Water into Wine at the Wedding at Cana

The Wedding at Cana

Spiritual Fruit: To Jesus Through Mary

In the Mystery of the Wedding at Cana, we are given a great image of the powerful intercession of the Blessed Mother. It was she who called Jesus’ attention to the shortage of wine at the wedding, and she whose consent He sought in beginning His ministry when He asked, “What would you have Me do? My hour has not yet come.”

The Legion of Mary recognizes that God, in His infinite Wisdom, always chooses to act through Mary. The Promise we make when we become permanent legionaries reflects this – “I know that you, who have come to regenerate the world in Jesus Christ, have not willed to do so except through Mary; that without her we cannot know or love you; that it is by her, and to whom she pleases, when she pleases, and in the quantity and manner she pleases, that all your gifts and virtues and graces are administered.”

As members of the Legion of Mary, we seek to consecrate ourselves to Mary so that, through this consecration, we might better consecrate ourselves to Jesus through his most Blessed Mother. In doing so, the Legion often has resource to a book entitled The Secret of Mary, written by one of the patrons of the Legion, St. Louis-Marie de Montfort.


The Preaching of the Gospel

Spiritual Fruit: Christian Witness and Conversion

The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God is unique among the Mysteries of the Rosary insofar as it refers not to a single event in the life of Jesus or Mary, but to the ministry on which Jesus spent several years of His life and the Evangelists focused the majority of their Gospels.

Furthermore, to meditate on the Proclamation of the Kingdom of God is, in some sense, to meditate on the Gospel message itself. Every parable Jesus taught and every miracle He worked was designed to draw people closer to the Kingdom, and thus to eternal life. As Jesus Himself said, “I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.” Sometimes, this involved meeting the physical needs of people, as when He fed the five thousand. Sometimes, He spoke more directly to the spiritual needs of a people who were “like sheep without a shepherd.”

The importance of the Proclamation of the Kingdom in Jesus’ life, furthermore, is reflected in the life of His Church. In fact, Pope Pius XI declared that “The Church has no other reason for its existence than to extend over the earth the Kingdom of Christ and so to render people sharers of his saving Redemption.

As members of the Legion of Mary, we seek to continue the Proclamation of the Kingdom in the footsteps of Christ our King. Alongside consolation and conservation, conversion is one of the three “C”s that form the basis of Legion spirituality. By demonstrating and modeling for others our own enthusiasm for Catholicism, we seek to draw them closer to conversion and therefore into the Kingdom.

Jesus is Transfigured on Mount Tabor

The Transfiguration

Spiritual Fruit: Spiritual Courage

It may seem counter-intuitive to associate the glory of the Transfiguration with the degradation of the Cross, but the two Mysteries are in fact deeply connected. The Transfiguration took place shortly before Jesus was to enter Jerusalem, where He would soon face His Passion, and was specifically designed to fortify the faith of His three closest Apostles to prepare them for the scandal they were about to face. Even the witness of Moses and Elijah ultimately pointed to the Cross, as the representatives of the Law and the Prophets conversed with Jesus about His approaching death.

St. Peter was right, then, to say, “It is good for us to be here,” though he could not have understood why at the time. The dazzling brightness of the Transfiguration was not merely a display of Jesus’ power, but rather a message of hope to help the Apostles through extremely difficult times. And, to this very day, the most impressive displays of the glory of God often serve the same purpose of providing hope to a world that so desperately needs it.

As members of the Legion of Mary, we consider spiritual courage of utmost importance. The Legion is modeled on the organization of an army largely because, as the Handbook states, “legionaries hope to render themselves worthy of their great heavenly Queen by their loyalty, their virtues, and their courage.” The Legion is not simply interested in fostering courage within its own ranks, however. Through our works as legionaries, we seek to allow the glory of God to shine through and provide hope for all of those with whom we come in contact.

Jesus Institutes the Eucharist at the Last Supper

The Institution of the Eucharist

Spiritual Fruit: Love of Our Eucharistic Lord

The Last Supper is unique insofar as it is the only event in the life of Our Lord in which two sacraments were instituted at once.

The words Jesus used at the Last Supper – “Take and eat, this is my Body” and “This cup is the new covenant in my Blood, shed for you” – form the foundation of the liturgy of the Eucharist and constitute the first celebration of the sacrifice of the Mass. At the same time, Jesus instituted the sacrament of Holy Orders to ensure that His people down through the centuries would have priests to continue that celebration.

As members of the Legion of Mary, we seek to promote greater levels of participation in the Eucharist both among the people we meet and among ourselves. We assign legionaries to ensure that the sick and the homebound are able to receive the Eucharist, we work to draw the lapsed members of our parishes back to Mass and thus towards consistent reception of the Eucharist, and we recognize the great value present when legionaries go beyond the required weekly attendance at Mass and participate daily through promotion into the ranks of Praetorians and Adjutorians. Furthermore, we seek to support the sacrament of Holy Orders by offering our services as legionaries to the priests whose responsibility it is to consecrate the Eucharist for the people of our parishes.

The Glorious Mysteries

The Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead

The Resurrection

Spiritual Fruit: Faith

It is difficult to conceive of an event that could more effectively shatter one’s faith than the unjust and brutal murder of the Messiah, the very Son of God. What better demonstration could there be that death is inescapable and the cruelty of man reigns supreme?

But the Resurrection changed everything. By rising from the dead, Jesus conquered death through death itself, transforming it from the universal enemy of humanity into a passage through which we may follow Him to obtain eternal life. Through even our smallest thoughts and actions, we can die with Jesus so that we might likewise rise with Him.

And if, through Jesus, we can conquer even that most ancient foe of humanity, we certainly ought to have faith that God will support us when we are faced with far smaller obstacles. As Jesus himself said, “With God, all things are possible.”

As members of the Legion of Mary, we seek to imitate the faith of Mary which, as our Legion handbook explains, “has in her alone been found in its utmost extent and never equalled.” In this spirit, the Legion, in accordance with the Imitation of Christ, “complains not of impossibility, because it conceives that it may and can do all things.’’

The Ascension of Jesus into Heaven

The Ascension

Spiritual Fruit: Christian Hope

Even in our ordinary human experience, there is a deep connection between hope and those moments when we are called to bid a loved one farewell. We hope that they will have a safe trip, we hope that they will be successful in their endeavors, and we hope that we will see them again.

The Christian hope evoked by Jesus’ ascension from Mt. Olivet, while in many ways similar, is a rather different thing. We do not need to hope on Jesus’ behalf, because His disappearance into a cloud – the standard symbol of God’s glory – makes it clear that He is already sitting at the right hand of the Father. Rather, we hope for ourselves, knowing that we have such a well-disposed King who has not left us orphans.

As members of the Legion of Mary, we seek always to act according to this uniquely Christian hope. We recognize that the benevolent will of God will be done even when things seem most hopeless, as “The world belongs to him who loves it most.”

The Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost on Mary and the Apostles

The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Spiritual Fruit: Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The presence of the Blessed Mother at the moment when the Holy Spirit first descends upon the Church points towards a connection between the Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit which is not always appreciated.

In the Legion handbook, it is explained that, “Mary has been so taken up into the Holy Spirit, made one with him, animated by him, that he is as her very soul. She is no mere instrument or channel of his activity; she is an intelligent, conscious co-operator with him to such degree that when she acts, it is also he who acts; and that if her intervention be not accepted, neither is his.”

As members of the Legion of Mary, we seek to recognize the ways in which the gifts of the Holy Spirit – wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord – bore fruit in the life of the Blessed Mother and imitate her openness to the Spirit Who bestowed on her those gifts. Like Mary, we seek to devote ourselves completely to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to work through us, even when we may not understand what He is doing.

The Assumption of Mary

The Assumption

Spiritual Fruit: Desire for Heaven

The Assumption of Mary is one of the most misunderstood dogmas of the Catholic faith. And yet, when properly understood, its implications are vital for the promotion of a well-informed desire for Heaven.

Mary’s Assumption is, above all, a foretaste of the general resurrection – a foretaste of what we are ultimately intended to be. By existing, body and soul, in Heaven, the Blessed Mother bears witness to the value of the body. The reward for Mary’s sinless life was not freedom from the body but freedom from bodily corruption.

As members of the Legion of Mary, we seek to evoke a desire for Heaven in all those we meet. We provide evangelization for those who have not yet received the Faith and offer spiritual support to those who wish to deepen their relationship with God. In doing so, we strive never to forget that the desire for Heaven is a desire that concerns the whole human person, body and soul, not a desire to be as angels.

Mary is Crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth

The Crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth

Spiritual Fruit: Grace of Final Perseverance

Which Mystery could be more fitting for the Legion of Mary than the Crowning of Mary? After all, “In the Legion, Mary is Queen. She it is who summons her legionary hosts to their glorious warfare and commands them in the field, inspires them, and personally leads them on to victory.”

The victory which the Legion seeks, of course, is the victory of Final Perseverance – that, as we pray in our Tessera, “the battle of life over – our Legion may reassemble, without the loss of any one, in the kingdom of [God’s] love and glory.”

As members of the Legion of Mary, we seek to call down the grace of Final Perseverance on all those we meet. Each of our actions – from the consolation of those who suffer to the conservation of the Faith in the faithful to the conversion of those whose faith is insufficient – are ultimately done in the hope that, at the moment of death, those whose lives we touch will persevere in their faith and receive eternal life.